Add a dynamic YouTube video player directly onto your website by downloading YouTube Widget Slider today. This Joomla plugin extension allows you to display an embedded YouTube video player directly onto your website.


The YouTube Widget Slider can be displayed anywhere on your website, and comes with an assortment of customizable themes and designs. The downloading and installation of YouTube Widget Slider is simple and completely free. Once installed you have access to 6 months of customer support in order to ensure that you’re taking advantage of all of the features that YouTube Widget Slider offers.

The Benefits of YouTube Widget Slider

YouTube Widget Slider can be displayed on any Joomla compatible website. Save yourself the time and trouble that comes with making your own YouTube videos by display the YouTube videos of other directly onto your website. Instead of storing videos you’ve made directly onto your website, you can save some space by using the YouTube Widget Slider instead.

Creating an interactive and informative website isn’t that hard if you download and install YouTube Widget Slider. Placing a YouTube video at the right spot on your website will create a multimedia experience that website visitors will never forget. YouTube Widget Slider allows you to display both YouTube videos that you’ve created, in addition to all other videos from the YouTube library directly onto your website. Website visitors don’t have to travel to the YouTube site in order to view relevant YouTube videos.

YouTube Widget Slider is an easy and free download that is available for all Joomla versions. The diverse features that come with YouTube Widget Slider include:

  • Customizable YouTube slider display that can be placed anywhere on your website;
  • The ability to pick and choose which YouTube videos you embed on your site. Place YouTube videos in the middle of web page articles and other web text in order to create an interactive YouTube experience;
  • No need for advanced coding to display interactive YouTube videos;
  • Free YouTube Widget Slider customer support for 6 months following YouTube Widget Slider download and installation;
  • Readily available YouTube videos for website visitors viewing;
  • Easy to use Youtube display slider bar. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the YouTube Widget Slider icon in order to bring the YouTube video into view.
  • View website visitors’ past YouTube video views and YouTube comments;
  • Watch videos directly from your YouTube Widget Slider, while also adding other videos that you view from the YouTube Widget Slider or from the actual YouTube website;
  • Display YouTube videos that relate to your website subject matter and business in order to attract interested new website visitors;
  • The ability to Autohide or display YouTube video player controls;
  • Display or hide the full screen YouTube video popup option; AND
  • Set specific YouTube video start and end times for YouTube video displays.

Download YouTube Widget Slider now!