Instagram is an extremely popular and important social media networking tool that all businesses and companies should take advantage of.


In fact, if you want to take your website’s social media presence to the next level you should download Instagram Widget Slider. Instagram Widget Slider can be used to display high-quality photos and other media that you’ve posted on your Instagram account.

The great thing about Instagram Widget Slider is that you can display your Instagram account media directly onto your website, without visitors having to travel to Instagram. Download and install Instagram Widget Slider today in order to take full advantage of all of the social media benefits of Instagram.

The Benefits of Downloading Instagram Widget Slider

All Joomla platform websites can benefit from having Instagram Widget Slider displayed on webpages. Instagram Widget Slider is available for all Joomla versions. Furthermore, Instagram Widget Slider is easy to download, install and use. Once installed on your website, and linked to your Instagram account, Instagram Widget Slider can provide an added, interactive visual feature that will surely attract and interest website visitors. Even better Instagram Widget Slider can be downloaded and installed for free. The choice is clear, choose Instagram Widget Slider for all of your social media needs.

Instagram Widget Slider comes with the following benefits and features, which include:

  • Create and display a Instagram image slideshow directly onto your website. With this feature website visitors simply have to hover their mouse over the Instagram logo displayed by the Instagram Widget Slider extension, in order to gain instant access to your Instagram media slideshow;
  • Customizable display features so that your Instagram Widget Slider can match your website’s color themes and design features. Customize the width and height of the Instagram Widget Slider display, while also choosing your own themes and colors;
  • A free and easy download and installation process. All it takes is a few minutes to add Instagram Widget Slider to your Joomla site;
  • Comprehensive, easy to use interface that makes it easier for website visitors to access your Instagram photos without even having to leave your site;
  • Allows you to build trust and credibility by making your site interactive and more enticing with vivid and interesting Instagram photos;
  • Provide website visitors with direct access to your Instagram account. Website visitors can also click on the Instagram Widget Slider in order to leave the site and travel directly to your Instagram account;
  • Selectively choose specific photos from your Instagram library, and display these images directly from the Instagram Widget Slider onto your website;
  • Simple, stylistic design that displays only the Instagram logo in order to minimize clutter on your website;
  • Control the amount of photos displayed on your Instagram slideshow; AND
  • Users have the ability to choose and pick from the relevant Instagram photos from your Instagram account that they would like to see.