Add Facebook Widget Slider to your website to enhance the experience of your website’s visitors. Facebook Widget Slider provides immediate access to your Facebook pages, Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos and Facebook photos. Take your site to the next level, by integrating this Facebook tool directly onto your website.


Facebook Widget Slider is compatible with all Facebook pages and Joomla sites. After downloading and installing Facebook Widget Slider your website visitors will gain access to different aspects of your Facebook pages. Once installed all visitors gain immediate access to your Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos and Facebook photos. Furthermore, all Facebook Widget Slider downloads come with free customer support.

The Facebook Widget Slider User Experience

Adding a Facebook display enhances your website by naturally integrating the Facebook social media experience directly onto your website. Choose Facebook Widget Sliders to create an interactive user experience by displaying all of your Facebook social media interactions. Use Facebook Widget Sliders to display and gain Facebook page followers and Facebook likes for your Facebook page and Facebook profile. The advantages and benefits of adding Facebook Widget Slider to your website include the ability to:

• Display a snapshot of your Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos, Facebook photos and Facebook interactions with other Facebook users directly onto your website.
• With just one-click, visitors gain immediate access to your Facebook page and Facebook posts including videos and other media.
• Visitors can like your Facebook page and Facebook media directly from your website, without traveling to the Facebook website.
• Passively gain new Facebook friends and Facebook likes.
• Use Facebook Widget Slider to expand your social network.

Choose Facebook Widget Slider

Facebook Widget Slider facilitates increased visitor interaction and connectivity. Use Facebook Widget Slider to gain more Facebook likes. The additional benefits to your website operations that come with Facebook Widget Slider include:

• The ability to customize the Facebook Widget Slider experience through an assortment of Facebook display templates.
• Display your Facebook page, Facebook streamers and other visual features.
• Website administrators can easily change the position of the Facebook Widget Slider display, while also adjusting the Facebook Widget Slider’s width and height.

Download Facebook Widget Slider

Facebook Widget Slider offers exceptional compatibility and support for any Facebook page. Display your Facebook page directly onto your website, so that visitors can easily view and like your Facebook page. The benefits of using Facebook Widget Slider as part of your website include:

• Quick download of Facebook Widget Slider that can be completed in minutes.
• jQuery based Facebook Display.
• Change the Facebook Widget Slider display’s interface colors, sounds, heights and widths with just one click, and without having to visit the specific Facebook Page.
• Easily display Facebook Page status updates.
• All Facebook Widget Slider downloads come with free customer support for the first 6 months following the download and installation of Facebook Widget Slider on to your website.

Facebook Widget Slider is the best Joomla extension available for connecting website visitors to your Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos and Facebook photos. Allow visitors to interact with you directly from the Facebook Widget Slider. Gain Facebook likes, by downloading the Facebook Widget Slide today.

Contact Us Widget Slider allows you to create contact forms that can be customized to satisfy all of your website contact needs. Instead of using a standard contact form template, you can download Contact Us Widget Slider in order to create unique contact forms with an assortment of available contact form layout options.


**Website visitor engagement is only successful if visitors can contact you easily, and Contact Us Widget Slider is the free way to collect relevant data from website visitors, while providing a simple method for visitors to contact your business. **

Contact Us Widget Slider doesn’t just have to be used to create Contact Us forms-you can also use Contact Us Widget Slider in order to create any type of form that you would like website visitors to fill out. Contact Us Widget Slider allows you to make it easy for website visitors to send you messages, personal information, contact requests and other relevant data. All contact forms created with Contact Us Widget Slider come with spam protection, along with customizable contact form layouts, and an assortment of contact form fields and design options. Facilitate quick communications and receive up-to-the minute contacts by downloading the Contact Us Widget Slider today.

Contact Us Widget Slider Product Features

Contact Us Widget Slider is an exceptional contact resource that allows you to create electronic contact forms that can be customized to match the specific theme, design and layout of any website. Once you use Contact Us Widget Slider to create your customized contact form template, web visitors can directly contact you with requests, reservations and other relevant contact information.

Some of the many features that make Contact Us Widget Slider an exceptional website visitor contact tool include:
- Unlimited contact form fields that can be used by website visitors to contact your business;
- The ability to add check boxes and other multimedia options that website visitors can choose from;
- Multiple contact form layouts, color options and designs to choose from;
- An assortment of animation options including light-box effects, smooth slide-in effects and accordion effects;
- Allows website visitors to securely send contact us messages and upload files;
- Advanced spam protection for contact requests, and other messages submitted through Contact Us Widget Slider forms;
- Contact Us Widget Slider fillable forms that are fully responsive with computers, tablets and smartphones;
- The ability to create any type of form including contact us forms, user response polls, job applications, reservation requests and client intake forms;
- Auto-reply responses can be created and automatically sent in response to submitted contact forms;
- Sends website visitors email copies of communications submitted through Contact Us Widget Slider;
- Easily accessible contact form recipient drop down list;
- The ability to create an easy login option that automatically fills in visitor contact information; AND
- Easy to use ticket system that tracks communications submitted through Contact Us Widget Slider forms.

Google+ is one of the newest social media platforms developed by the Internet giant that everyone loves, but it is one that has caught on quite well, with thousands of people gathering, sharing and learning information to their friends and individuals within their ‘circles.’ Google+ makes it easy to socialize, build a larger customer base and so much more, benefiting your business in many ways, even those you never imagined possible. And, with the Google Plus Widget Slider, getting in on the Google+ fun will be easier than ever. The Google Plus Widget Slider is the module that you need on your site if Google Plus is a social media site that you depend on. Having the Google Plus widget offers you a ton of different benefits that you can appreciate.


Available for the Joomla platform, the Google Plus Widget Slider works with Joomla 2.5 as well as Joomla 3.0. the widget has been available since July 2013. The Google Plus Widget is available free of charge and can be downloaded and installed in minutes of time without obligation. Those who choose to use the Google Plus widget will find themselves met with an array of awesome features.

Some of the great features and benefits that will come your way when you download the Google Plus Widget Slider to your website include:

Google Plus Widget Slider i) Easy to install and easy to download; takes a matter of minutes.
ii) Query enabled, with the option to disable.
iii)Google Plus news feed right on a bar on your website for all who visit can see.
iv) A number of customization options that enable you to get the exact look that you are after.
v) Slider feature is really neat and enables you to save space on your website.
vi) Friends, family and others can see all of your Google Plus activity without leaving your site.
vii) Available in several languages including English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese, among others.
viii) 24/7 Customer Support for 6 months after the date of download.
ix) Compatible with all editions of Joomla.
x) 5 different Font Choices.
xi) Customizable width and height options.
xii) Free documentation.
xiii) Free installation –No need to hire anyone to come in and make the installation for you.
xiv) Gain more people within your circles on Google Plus.
xv) Enables you to communicate with others.
xvi) Share more important information.
xvii) Engage with customers: As they respond to your posts and make their own posts you can certain connect on that very important personal level. Be sure that you are always responding to any and all comments, posts and messages that are made for your company.
xviii) Enables you to easily post new information on Google Plus without ever leaving your site and with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse required.

The Google Plus Widget Slider is a great asset for anyone who is looking to get more action on this popular social networking site. You can enjoy all of these benefits!

The Pinterest Widget Slider is an awesome tool for your Joomla website, enabling you to post a feed directly from Pinterest on your pages! The Pinterest slider is easy to install, easy to use and provides users with an ample amount of benefits.

Take a look at the features and benefits sure to be appreciated with the Pinterest Widget Slider.


Pinterest Widget Slider i) The Pinterest Widget Slider has a great design –all that is visible is a icon for Pinterest until the visitor hovers over the page. Once this is done the slider widget will pop out and present your Pinterest feed.
ii) Easy to Use – Anyone who visits your site can easily view what’s going on at your Pinterest account, as well as leave your site to visit and follow you if they would like. You can easily take social media to the next level with the Pinterest widget.
iii) Advertise – Rather than sending out an email or a text, or going through the process of changing your entire site, the Pinterest Widget Slider can be used to make announcements, post pictures and news and much more. You can easily advertise your contest, sale, etc. for all to see on the Pinterest Widget Slider right on your homepage!
iv) Options – There are tons and tons of options available for your Pinterest pins with the Pinterest Widget Slider. You can easily customize the Pinterest Widget Slider to your specifications, which includes the width and the height of the slider on your page.
v) Spacious - there’s a lot covered in the Pinterest Widget Slider, but it won’t take up a lot of space on your site. The Pinterest Widget Slider shows as an icon on the side of your page. It is only visible once a user hovers around this Pinterest icon.
vi) Display text as well as pictures – Some of the plug-ins for Joomla make you choose one or the other…but not this Joomla plugin called the Pinterest Widget Slider.
vii) Compatible –The Joomla Pinterest Widget is compatible with all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
viii) All Software Supported –The Pinterest Widget can be used with all versions of the Joomla website.
ix) Entertaining – With the Pinterest Widget Slider on your website you can keep visitors there longer, enjoying what you are offering to them. Along with your blogs and info, pictures and posts, visitors to your site can play around and see all of your pins and more.
x) Post More – With the Pinterest widget you can easily add new posts right from your website without ever having to log into Pinterest. This may not seem like a big deal but it really does make your life much easier and enables you to do so much more with your social networking.

The long list of features and benefits of the Pinterest Widget Slider make it a plug-in that you should not wait to add to your Joomla website. It will give your website the edge that it needs to be a great success and so much more. Don’t go without it a day longer.

Add a dynamic YouTube video player directly onto your website by downloading YouTube Widget Slider today. This Joomla plugin extension allows you to display an embedded YouTube video player directly onto your website.


The YouTube Widget Slider can be displayed anywhere on your website, and comes with an assortment of customizable themes and designs. The downloading and installation of YouTube Widget Slider is simple and completely free. Once installed you have access to 6 months of customer support in order to ensure that you’re taking advantage of all of the features that YouTube Widget Slider offers.

The Benefits of YouTube Widget Slider

YouTube Widget Slider can be displayed on any Joomla compatible website. Save yourself the time and trouble that comes with making your own YouTube videos by display the YouTube videos of other directly onto your website. Instead of storing videos you’ve made directly onto your website, you can save some space by using the YouTube Widget Slider instead.

Creating an interactive and informative website isn’t that hard if you download and install YouTube Widget Slider. Placing a YouTube video at the right spot on your website will create a multimedia experience that website visitors will never forget. YouTube Widget Slider allows you to display both YouTube videos that you’ve created, in addition to all other videos from the YouTube library directly onto your website. Website visitors don’t have to travel to the YouTube site in order to view relevant YouTube videos.

YouTube Widget Slider is an easy and free download that is available for all Joomla versions. The diverse features that come with YouTube Widget Slider include:

  • Customizable YouTube slider display that can be placed anywhere on your website;
  • The ability to pick and choose which YouTube videos you embed on your site. Place YouTube videos in the middle of web page articles and other web text in order to create an interactive YouTube experience;
  • No need for advanced coding to display interactive YouTube videos;
  • Free YouTube Widget Slider customer support for 6 months following YouTube Widget Slider download and installation;
  • Readily available YouTube videos for website visitors viewing;
  • Easy to use Youtube display slider bar. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the YouTube Widget Slider icon in order to bring the YouTube video into view.
  • View website visitors’ past YouTube video views and YouTube comments;
  • Watch videos directly from your YouTube Widget Slider, while also adding other videos that you view from the YouTube Widget Slider or from the actual YouTube website;
  • Display YouTube videos that relate to your website subject matter and business in order to attract interested new website visitors;
  • The ability to Autohide or display YouTube video player controls;
  • Display or hide the full screen YouTube video popup option; AND
  • Set specific YouTube video start and end times for YouTube video displays.

Download YouTube Widget Slider now!