LinkedIn is a social media network that is in a league of its own. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is completely focused on professional engagement and connections. As a result, all professional websites could benefit from having the LinkedIn Widget Slider installed.

This is because LinkedIn Widget Slider allows website visitors to view your LinkedIn profile, and LinkedIn Pages directly from your website, so that both you and website visitors can expand their LinkedIn connections. Add LinkedIn functionality directly onto your website, by downloading LinkedIn Widget Slider today. Once downloaded and installed onto your website, website visitors can check out your LinkedIn profile, without ever having to leave your site. Make the right decision and download LinkedIn Widget Slider for your website today.

The Many Benefits of LinkedIn Widget Slider

The following LinkedIn features are displayed via the LinkedIn Widget Slider:

• Follow Company
• Member Profile
• Company Profile
• Company Insider
• Jobs You Might Be Interested In

By downloading LinkedIn Widget Slider, these LinkedIn features can be displayed directly onto your website, so that website visitors do not have leave your site to view your LinkedIn profile, and other LinkedIn features.

LinkedIn Widget Slider can be downloaded and installed for free, for all Joomla websites. This exceptional professional engagement tool allows webpage visitors to track your LinkedIn posts and updates, view potential jobs based on a specific industry, while also gaining access to job search resources and tips.

Some of the many benefits that come with downloading and installing LinkedIn Widget Slider for your website include:

  • Free, easy to use LinkedIn Joomla Extension: Downloading LinkedIn Widget Slider for free only takes a few minutes;
  • Complete Customer Support: For the first 6 months following the download of LinkedIn Widget Slider, users have 24/7 access to customer support. We will make sure that you can take advantage of all of the benefits of adding LinkedIn Widget Slider to your website;
  • Display Relevant Jobs: Both you and website visitors can view the different job openings that are advertised on LinkedIn directly from the LinkedIn Widget Slider. The LinkedIn jobs can be displayed based upon the specific job industry.
  • Easily Display Your Professional Qualifications: Use LinkedIn Widget Slider to display your professional credentials. This way website visitors have easy access to your professional resume, and other information, without having to travel to your LinkedIn profile;
  • Gain LinkedIn Connections: Expand your LinkedIn network by downloading LinkedIn Widget Slider today. Website visitors can use LinkedIn Widget Slider to add you as a LinkedIn connection;
  • jQuery Friendly: Though LinkedIn Widget Slider is jQuery enabled, this feature can be easily disabled if necessary;
  • Advanced SlideShow Display: LinkedIn Widget Slider comes with customizable slideshow features that display relevant information about your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page;
  • Elegant Design Display: LinkedIn Widget Slider is displayed as a LinkedIn icon unit that users simply to hover over and click with their mouse in order to access.